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Tanzania scuba diving destinations

Pemba has some of best wall diving in the world. The underwater seascape is jaw-dropping. Pemba is such a beautiful Island with awesome drop-offs covered with hard and soft corals as well as huge sea-fans, the deeper you go, the bigger the sea-fans.The best place to stay is Manta Reef, another beautiful place for a special holiday. You feel as if you are on a desert island and the diving won't disappoint. If you fly from Dar es Salam or Zanzibar prepare to part with cash and if you go by boat from Shimoni Kenya, then it takes a while. Either way Pemba is not easy to get to but completely worth it. Jacque Cousteau once described Pemba Island as the "Emerald of East Africa" He was right.


Dive sites not to miss – Njao Gap, The Edge. Manta reef, Emerald reef.

Absolute best time to go – November to March.