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Mexico scuba diving destinations

Cozumel and Playa del Carmen, playground for the rich and famous. Plenty of accommodation to fit all budgets and tastes. Great Mexican people, weather and food. Close enough to the the USA for all the modcons, but Cozumel feels nice and remote too. The diving is really pleasant and well-organised. Very easy to get to from Cancun either by bus or taxi. Mexico is a fantastic country to visit whatever budget you are on.

Dive sites not to miss – Columbia Wall, Palancar, Punta Sur, Santa Rosa Wall, Punta Tunich

Absolute best time to go – anytime but the summer months (too crowded!) are best.

Mexico-Holbox-whale-shark-p.jpgHolbox is several hours drive from Cancun (3 hours by bus and significantly less by taxi). It is a small, under-developed Island known as a whale shark mecca during the summer months. Don't go to dive because the visibility is limited (10-15 meters) and the water is a bit cold (20-24 Degree Celsius) but you will see lots and lots of whale sharks and be able to swim with them until you are tired. Accommodation is varied and plentiful.

Absolute best time to go – July and August for the whale sharks.

Tulum's best kept secret is its underwater cave system. The cenotes or caves offer incredible fresh water diving with visibility so clear you feel as if you are flying (+100 meters) By far the best cenote is the Angelita. For advanced divers only, it is an experience you will never forget and if the dive school wants to assess you with a few dives the day before don't argue because it will be worth it! It is incredible because the roof collapsed in this particular cave so imagine a collapsed roof at the "bottom" of a cave. When you descend you will see the fallen roof at what looks like the bottom.

There are old trees in the centre. At about 30m you can swim round the little island of debris that has formed and although you think it is the bottom of the cave it is not. As you get closer you realise that you can keep going down through a layer of hydrogen sulphate smoke-like substance. It is about a metre thick and once you get below it you are in darkness and you switch to your torches. You can swim round the edges of the cenote then you come up through the smoke into brilliant sunlight and you continue your slow ascent around the edges of the cenote. The centre of the cenote which holds the collapsed roof gives you a good reference point. The experience of going down through the smoke layer into darkness and then ascending again is something you will never forget. Very hard to do justice with a description! It is one of the most amazing dives in the world. At the surface there are some very friendly Alligators, perfect ending.

Dive sites not to miss – Angelita Cenote, Grand cenote

Absolute best time to go – anytime.

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