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Indonesia scuba diving destinations

Indonesia - Islands of Raja Ampat and Komodo

The Raja Ampat islands are some of the most remote islands on earth, perhaps one of the reasons the diving is so incredible. At the time of writing there are no direct flights to Sorong, which is the little mainland port that your boat will leave from. You need to get to Jakarta, Makassar, Ambon or Manado then fly on to Sorong. You may have to overnight in some of these places which makes it a 2 day domestic flight trip! If you can journey through Manado you can do some excellent diving nearby in the Lembeh Strait. From Sorong you will either board your liveaboard or transfer boat to the handful of island resorts in the area. Clearly you will get to see a lot more of Raja Ampat if you choose a liveaboard trip. Raja Ampat is simply incredible, as beautiful underwater as it is above water. We can assure you that you won't ever have seen anything like it. It is a diver's dream location. Quite a trek to get there but every diver should see this place before they die. If you can, try and spend 2 weeks in this amazing place.

Dive sites not to miss – Split Rock, Sardine reef, Chicken reef, Melissa’s Garden, Manta Ridge and The Passage.

Absolute best time to go – October to March.

Indonesia-Komodo-Coral-reef.jpg Indonesia-Komodo-Reef-scene.jpg

Komodo island is much more accessible from Bali. You can either fly to Labuan Bajo, which is a very short flight (50 minutes), or even go by boat from Bali. The landscape is much more arid and dry than Raja Ampat and the water slightly colder. The currents are wild, but big currents mean big fish and more mantas so embrace it! You don't need as long in Komodo - a few days is enough to see all the highlights. Again we recommend a liveaboard so you can see as much as you can and get value for your money.

Dive sites not to miss – Castle Rock, Crystal Rock, The Cauldron, Batu Bolong and Makassar Reef.

Absolute best time to go – April, October, November

Indonesia is great place to travel in - the hospitality is excellent and the people can't do enough for you. You will be completely spoilt! The food is really good and the culture is fascinating. It is one of our top places to dive.