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South Africa scuba diving destinations

South-Africa-Aliwal-Shoals-.jpgAliwal shoals is the place for shark lovers. You will dive with hundreds of blacktip sharks, not to mention the occasional tiger shark. Go a bit deeper and you will also see ragged-tooth sharks swimming along the sandy bottom. If you are lucky you can even see whale sharks and bull sharks. Be prepared that all dive operators use bait drums to attract the sharks.
Also be prepared for a rough boat ride out to the shoals! The average temperature is about 25 Degrees Celsius with visibility between 15-30 meters.
Best time to go is between July – December


                                                                    Gansbaai offers cage diving with white sharks.
                                The white sharks are attracted to Gansbaai for one reason only: The + 40.000 Cape fur seals.

It is truly awesome to see these top-notch predators swim up to the cage and look you in the eye. There will be plenty of white sharks around the boat, attracted by the smell of fish blood. Be prepared that the water is very cold (13-15 Degrees Celsius!) and that the visibility seldom reaches more than 6-8 meters. The cage operators will provide you with 8 mm wetsuits and hood.
Best time to go = Mid March – Mid September