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East African Whale Shark Trust

Make a Difference!  Help us Stop the killing of whale sharks in East Africa

The revenue from the sales of The World's Best Dive Destinations DVD goes towards the East African Whale Shark Trust, supporting their quest to stop the killing of whale sharks in East Africa.

Your contribution is directly helping these gentle giants! 

Dead-Whale-shark-for-web.jpg                                                              Liver cut out for making "sifa" = shark liver oil

Whale sharks are being killed in East Africa for their liver, the locals don't actually eat the meat believing it to be poisonous. The fishermen cut the liver into strips and store it in jerry-cans until it turns into shark liver oil. They then impregnate their wooden boats with the oil which prevents the wood to become attacked by ship-worms. The same thing happened in Gujarat, India but TATA came in and developed a synthetical oil that cost half the price, lasted 2 times longer and didn't stink! (not a single whale shark has been killed in India since 2005!) Our main goal is to start importing this oil and supply the fishermen along the East African coast. Thank's to you buying this DVD, we now have another Gallon to spend. 



East African Whale Shark Trust