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French Polynesia scuba diving destinations

When you say you are going to French Polynesia most people look at you blankly; when you say Tahiti and Bora Bora which are the 2 best-known Islands in French Polynesia then you get a response. French Polynesia has so many Islands and almost all of them offer good diving. It is a destination known for sharks. Be prepared to part with serious amounts of cash though - it is a ridiculously expensive place to visit!French-Poly-Nimu-filming-Gr.jpg

Fakarava is not that well known yet and we think you should go sooner rather than later. You can see the difference between Rangiroa and Fakarava already. Fakarava has just a handful of "pensions" or bed and breakfasts, and don't expect too much. Stunning locations but very basic accommodation and food, for astronomical prices. But all is forgiven and forgotten when you get in the water. You will dive with literally hundreds of reef sharks on every dive. The numbers of sharks is mind-blowing and the coral reefs are virtually untouched. A few days are enough because there are really only 2 main dive areas - the north and south pass. If you can, go and stay in the south of the Island as well so you are on location for the south pass which has the very best diving on the Island. Catch the tide right and you will dive with hundreds of sharks; catch the time of year right (last 2 weeks of June) and you will also dive with thousands of spawning groupers. Truly “The stuff of legend” If you don't stay in the south you can still do the dive on a day trip but this is not guaranteed because it depends on numbers.

Dive sites not to miss – the North and South Passes.
Absolute best time to go – anytime, June = full moon for the grouper spawning. December = lots of hammer-head sharks follow the Nebula rays for a feast.

French-poly-Rangiroa-Dolphi.jpgRangiroa is more developed than Fakarava with perhaps 3 hotels as well as the clutch of pensions. Again the main dive site is the Tiputa pass. If you go in December you will see hammerheads and rays galore. You will always see reef sharks and white tips, not to mention very approachable and lovely Dolphins. You can also dive with silvertip sharks here. If you are very lucky you can even see the occasional Humpback whale (August)
Very expensive but the diving is out of this world.

Dive sites not to miss = the famous Tiputa Pass.

Absolute best time to go – anytime, December-January for the hammerheads and rays.